Akai MPC500 Programs
NEW ClassicLoops2 arrow Only oldskool hip hop chopped Loops
NEW ClassicLoops1 arrow chopped loops, few vocals
38 44-2 arrow 44 loops - very cool!!!!
37 Vocdnb arrow Few vocals and drumandbass loops
36 RaveHC12 arrow hell yeah, here it is - the Rave Pack :)

12 pieces of jungle, oldskool and hardcore loops with some vocals and single shot rave sounds.
First 3 digits of the sample name tells you about loop tempo.
35 RaveHC11 arrow
34 RaveHC10 arrow
33 RaveHC09 arrow
32 RaveHC08 arrow
31 RaveHC07 arrow
30 RaveHC06 arrow
29 RaveHC05 arrow
28 RaveHC04 arrow
27 RaveHC03 arrow
26 RaveHC02 arrow
25 RaveHC01 arrow Rave/hardcore sounds (Single shots) + some hardcore kicks, claps and snare.
24 Subbs arrow Cool "uauau" Sub bass (c3-c4) and 4 chopped amen breaks (Jungle Madness!!!!)
23 Subtlbs arrow synth bass (c3-c4), one chopped loop and some kicks, snares, hats etc.
22 Daftjunk arrow Drumms only, tempo 120-130bpm 2x daFunk loops and some chopped classics.
21 BStandrd arrow UAU bass c3-b3 + chopped and fxed oldskool breaks
20 InldCbas arrow deep bass c3-b3, string Lead c4-b4 + 3 chopped oldskool loops
19 Phraseology1 arrow Synth lead + 3 oldskool loops (chopped and messed up)
18 Brider arrow 8 bit style pad/lead c3-b3 + chopped oldskool breaks including amen
17 Bsriff arrow Distorted dnb bass c3-b3 + chopped oldskool breaks
16 Sandfilter arrow Lead c3-b3, bassy synth c3-b3 and cool oldskool breaks (chopped).
15 Wetsth arrow Synth bass + many oldskool breaks (chopped).
14 SHnshrtBs arrow Nice synth sound (c3-b3), short punchy bass (c2-b2) and many kicks, snares, hihats, congas etc.
13 Moogy5th arrow MoogyBass (c3-b3), Synth Lead (c3-b3) and many chopped oldskool loops!
12 ReesBas2
BiasChord (Cool) (C3-B3), Reso Bass Nice for looping:), and few downtempo chopped loops. Excellent for Slo-mo Action hehe.
11 smalleadMbass
Lead sound 1 octave (c3-B3), nice jungle Bass 1 octave (c2-B2) + 3 chopped (jungle/raggae/dnb) loops.
All the samples are set to mono (voice overlap), drumsounds are in mute group 1, lead in 2, bass in 3.
10 squaremajor
Soft pad(c3-B3) and junglebass(c2-B2) + chopped breaks and hipfunks:)
All the samples are set to mono (voice overlap), drumsounds are in mute group 1, lead in 2, bass in 3.
9 Strings
SH101 style sequence (C3-B3), and The BEST strings I've heard recently!! (C3-B3) (good for hiphop) + chopped loop and few drums, hihats, shks, snares.
8 44
Drums(707,808,909),claps,snares,hihats,and many more.
7 acidline
acid bassline 1 octave (c2-B2), 4 sliced break loops
and organ sound 1 octave (c2-B2)
6 Arp
Metalic bass 1 octave (c2-B2) + many sliced bits of jungle and dnb loops.
5 bas45
Arp sound 1 octave (c3-B3), Sliced jungle loops, fx sounds.
4 bass46
Cool deep bass 1 octave (c2-B2), sliced dnb loops, snares ,hihats
and drum sounds.
3 BitchPad
Another dnb bass 1 octave (c2-B2), 3 sliced loops, hihats, kicks and snares.
2 breaks2
Many sliced loops, 2x hardcore BD, few full famous jungle loops,
sampled vocals
1 Omega8Bass
great jungle/DNB bass with lfo, sliced amen and many more