Yamaha MT50
Multitrack recorder
Yamaha mt50
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This Yamaha's 4 track recorder offers simultaneous recording on all four tracks, mic and line input capability on all four mixer section channels, and one aux send with stereo return. EQ, provided on all four channels, is only of the basic 2-band high and low type, but, usefully, the dbx noise reduction is globally switchable or can be defeated on track 4 only for sync code purposes. There's also a Sync Out jack to allow a code recorded on track 4 to be fed directly to a MIDI system. The tape controls are of the mechanical type, with a 3-digital mechanical tape counter, but the transport runs at high speed and there's a zero stop locator function. Varispeed, as you'd expect, is provided.
I am impressed with this unit, sound coming out of it is warm and clean. It adds this "something" to the final mix.