Akai MPC500
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It's great piece of equipment, with 128mb ram (ANY PC 133 144PIN CL3 SODIMM 256MB) and 2GB (ANY CompactFlash card up to 2GB(I didn't tried anything with bigger capacity)) memory card it's portable sampling studio!
I was looking for something small with multitrack sequencer (can sequence other gear), mute function (using pads) and big sample memory.
It is as easy as Alesis MMT-8 (sequencer) to use and as good as PC to keep your samples ready to use.
There is only few effects, but they will do. With slider you can do many weird things to already recorded sequences. Sample stretch can create oldskool sounding vocals and nice effects.
2 lines on display might be not enough for some people, but after 1 month using I can very quickly access all the functions I need to go forward with my projects.
Here is a link to MPCmaid, small java application to help you create programs for your MPC.
For all of you that didn't decide yet to get MPC500 - there is NOT as much bugs as they say on mpc forums.
But first thing after you get the unit - update the system to 1.31


Compact Flash: Type-II, support up to 2GB card
16MB installed (Can be expanded to 128MB with EXM-128)
Analog Input/Output:
(2) Balanced 1/4" Inputs
(2) Balanced 1/4" Outputs
(1) Headphone Output
MIDI Input/Output:
(1) MIDI Input [5-pin DIN]
(1) MIDI Output [5-pin DIN]
Other Input/Output:
(1) USB [Slave only]
Analog Input = +10dBu
Analog Output = +5dBu
Sampler Resolution:
Sampler Recording Time:
136sec [16MB/MONO]
24min 28sec [128MB/MONO]
Sequencer Details:
100,000 notes resolving at 96ppq
99 Sequences with total 48 tracks per seq
20 Songs with total 250 steps per song
24 "Active (loaded)" Programs max
Pad Details:
12 (velocity and pressure sensitive)
4 Pad Banks [A, B, C, D]
MIDI Clock only
Power Options:
12V DC 500mA pin-negative power adapter (included)
(6) AA batteries [lasts about 4.5hrs continuous use w/backlight ON]
Dimensions (W x H x D):
10.47" x 1.73" x 6.89"
266mm x 175mm x 44mm
Weight (net):    
2.93 lbs / 1.34 kg