Roland JX - 305
Akai S5000
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The JX-305 is an awesome synth for electronic & techno musicians! It's like an MC-505 groovebox in a keyboard. All of the MC-505's excellent dance-oriented sounds are included, as well as 4MB more! Combining keyboard style patch synthesis & performance with Groove Approved dance patterns, sequences and phrases the JX-305 is a real dance production studio with 768 dance patterns, 256 User, 640 patches and 28 drum kits.
Polyphony - 64 Voices
Effects - 24 effects including reverb, delay, chorus, etc...
Memory - 640 patches, 28 rhythm kits
- 768 Dance patterns, 256 User
Filter - Digital real-time & midi controllable resonant low/band pass filter
Arpeg/Seq - 8-Track sequencer, Arpeggiator and real-time Phrase Sequencer
- 61 notes (w/ velocity)Control - MIDI