Novation A Station
Virtual Analog Synthesizer
novation a station
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If you like live control, this is the real deal for no alot of money.
A Station is virtual analog synth with three oscillators which provide sawtooth, triangle, sine and pulse width modulation. There's even a simple FM synth engine which can be dialed in for sharpening the sound. Oscillators may be set to Unison or Sync'd operation and a Noise source is also included in the waveform engine. There is a nice lowpass resonant filter with switchable 12 or 24dB/oct slopes and ADSR controls. A second ADSR envelope is available for the oscillators, as well as two LFOs with sample-and-hold and MIDI sync.
On-board effects include reverb and delay. Their send levels can be controlled by the Mod wheel which is a nice effect. A 12-band vocoder is also on-board for processing external mono sounds such as drum loops or vocals.
You can find a whole variety of sound coming out of this unit. Below you can find few examples.
This sound was used in very famous techno track (don't remember the artist) but the sound is cool :)
Knob fun with arpeggiated sound (YES!! THERE IS ARPEGGIATOR ON BOARD AS WELL!)
My attempt to create a bass drum from one oscillator.
And here we have the factory demo song