Alesis Midiverb
Multi Effect
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The Alesis MIDIVERB III is a high quality multi-effects unit which
features up to 4 simultaneous effects (Delay, Reverb, Chorus, EQ) at a
full 15KHz bandwidth and with 16 bit resolution.
Since all features of MIDIVERB III are accessible from the front panel,
the operator can set up a wide range of complex effects without a
complex user interface.
The MIDIVERB III features 200 on-board memory locations, of which the
first 100 (000 to 099) are factory pre-programmed with a variety of
programs. Memory locations 100 to 199 contain the same programs as
the first 100 so that the user can modify or erase these locations without
loosing any of the factory programs. All of the second 100 programs can
be edited and stored by the user as desired. The original 100 factory
programs (000 to 099) cannot be altered permanently.