Yamaha SY85
Yamaha SY85
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Great workstation but not for techno oriented people who like to shape sound easily. Sequencer has no pattern mode, there is a loop option but it pauses for a while before another loop starts. It also has sampling capabilities, but you need to send samples through midi (can't record). Sound quality is awesome and effects doing they're job. Good machine but not for me.
Polyphony - 32 voices
- AWM2 (2nd-generation Advanced Wave Memory)
Filter - Digital LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF (Band Elimination Filter)
Sequencer - 9 tracks (8 normal+1 rhythm) 20,000 note capacity, 100 patterns, 10 Songs
Effects - 2 Discrete FX units, each with 90 effect types (Chorus, flange, reverb, delay, exciter, EQ, ring modulation, leslie, distortion, etc.)
Keyboard - 61 weighted- keys (w/ velocity and aftertouch)
- Wave ROM: 6 MB.
Wave RAM 0.5 MB.
Expandable to 3.5 MB
- MIDI (16-part multitimbral)